Screening Process

Elite Standards: Our Unbreakable Screening Process for Domestic Staff

In the 90s, we pioneered revolutionary screening systems, specially tailored for nannies, ensuring security and peace of mind. We used to be the only domestic agency conducting physical fingerprints and federal criminal searches. With the passage of time and advancements in the digital era, our commitment to safety has only strengthened. Our security screening process, which includes digital enhancements, sets the gold standard in the domestic agency industry. Even after 30 years, our screening remains California’s most comprehensive, rigorous screening process. 

30+ Years
Zero Compromises in Our Placements

Personalized Interviews and Document Verification

 We conduct thorough face-to-face interviews with each candidate we represent, discussing their work experience, education, background, and personality. This allows us to match candidates with suitable placements. Additionally, we utilize video calls for added convenience and efficiency.

Reference Verification

We prioritize authenticity and reliability by personally contacting and speaking with all candidate references, including previous employers, ensuring that our placements are based on thorough and credible information. Additionally, for peace of mind, we offer clients the option to personally verify references by allowing them to call and speak with previous employers directly.

Professional Background Check

  • National criminal search
  • National sex offender search
  • County criminal search – all counties lived in for the past 10  years
  • Social security trace, alias search, address history and verification
  • DMV Driving Record

Additionally, for peace of mind, we offer clients the option to request a credit check, providing an additional layer of verification upon their request.